A prince of the fallen angels searches for a weapon to destroy the demon who has abducted his boyfriend. Unfortunately, the murderous king also desires Death’s scythe. The prince fears becoming a monster like his father, but he will do anything to save his lover.

Prince Atticus Diamond, the heir to the Turiel Dynasty, endured a childhood of trauma and tough love at the hands of his father. King Lucius taught his son the most ruthless lesson of all—that no evil is too great when committed in the pursuit of power.

Determined not to become a monster like his sire, Atticus has devoted himself to rejecting his inheritance. As a boy, he secretly helped another prince escape the brutal massacre that claimed the lives of the Remiel royal family.

Fate is a twisted bitch, though. Sixteen years later, Atticus falls for the prince he saved, except they’re not boys anymore. Grown-up and gorgeous, Finn is hedonistic and impulsive—Atticus’s polar opposite. Given that their families are bitter enemies, their star-crossed affair appears doomed from the onset.

When a demon captures Finn, Atticus must employ the entirety of his willpower and guile to beat King Lucius at his own game. With the help of his sister and friends, Atticus undertakes a quest for the lost pieces of Death’s scythe.

This adventure can only end up in one place—the belly of the beast. Atticus will rescue Finn or die trying.