Music is his magic.
Silver is a coyote-shifter with criminal tendencies and a golden voice. As the lead singer and guitarist for an indie rock band, he is devoted to his craft, however his disreputable past is about to catch up with him. He owes a god a debt, and gods always collect.

She’s a real fox.
When Hannah Kelly’s despicable ex-lover takes her grandmother hostage, she must turn her expertise as a security professional to burglary. With her twin sister’s help, Hannah sets out to steal a priceless Norse artifact from a notorious Russian oligarch.

Two thieves. One prize. A chase so wild, the pursuer becomes the pursued.

Published:  May 23, 2017


ISBN:  978-0-9842095-3-8

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Vixen’s song covered by Scott Oviatt.




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