I’m about to do my annual assessment of my goals for next year. First, I need to understand where I’m at.

Fragile Gods 117k Out for content editing
Sass Act 37k Waiting for me to make a content editing pass
Ram Rugged 27k / 35k Content editing pass in progress
Blood Brothers 95k Complete. Waiting on editing.

And Foxy Lady… 52k in rough draft form.



I haven’t sat down and done a goals blog post in ages. Quite possibly because I stopped maintaining my blog. I feel the need to get this out of my system, though, so I’m going to write it up here and copy/paste it to my website to preserve it.

2017 has been about a whole lot of writing and not much publishing. I released Hunter’s Mark in January and Out Foxed in May, but that was it. Usually, I like to be in one or two box sets but I made the decision last year to cut back on box sets and focus on my co-branded series.

Fragile Gods-112k
Done and with my developmental editor.

Blood Brothers-90k.
Done and waiting for my developmental editor to have an opening.

Sass Act-a Sassy Ever After KW book
Currently at 31k with a target of 35k. I want to finish by the end of October and send it off to EV Proofreading. Publishing target is Feb. 2018.

Ram Rugged-a Zodiac Shifters Aries book. First draft is finished at 25k. It needs a full polishing pass.

Foxy Lady-the second Gemini ZS book. at 52k out of a target of 65k. I really want to get back to this but I need to clear my plate first. Once I get back to the Coyote Hustle books, I want to complete Foxy Lady and also the third book in the series, Raven’s Song. But I doubt I’ll be able to touch these before Jan. 2018 at the soonest.

I have the cover for a box set that would bundle the first four books of my LW series but I really need to get FG and BB published before it’s worthwhile to create a bundle.

I have two other secret projects on my calendar. And my LW books…. Moon Snatcher, at least two untitled novellas, and Hunter’s Kilt.


I’m thrilled to announce that Valkyrie’s Vengeance is a RONE Awards 2016 Finalist! Thank you so much to all my fabulous readers who voted for me! The competition is hosted by InD’Tale Magazine and winners will be announced In October at InD’Scribe in Burbank.

Rone-Badge-Finalist Silver-2016 Valkyrie's Vengeance Urban Fantasy Melissa Snark



Wolf's Cross Urban Fantasy Melissa Snark05/03/2016:

  • Spectacular! I adore my latest cover from cover design by Raven Born.  I’m in the process of updating the website with Wolf’s Cross. Expect pre-order links soon!








  • InD’Tales 2016 RONE nominee…  I’m delighted to announce that VALKYRIE’S VENGEANCE is nominated for the NOVELLA category in the InD’tale Magazine’s 2016 RONE Awards. I’m in great company with other fabulous authors there.





Battle Cry Urban Fantasy Melissa Snark04/15/2016:

  • And Oh My Nordic Gods, ROAR!  Here’s the new cover for Battle Cry.  Cover design by Raven Born.







Hunger Moon Urban Fantasy Melissa Snark04/11/2016:

  • The new Hunger Moon cover from cover designer Raven Born is now up on most retailers. I’m waiting for a couple to update.






  • Valkyrie's Vengeance Urban Fantasy Melissa SnarkI’ve decided to rebrand the Loki’s Wolves series with the services of cover designer Raven Born. More of her work can also be seen here. The first of the new covers can be seen to the right. I’m elated with the new look and I hope readers will be pleased.
  • Watch for the new cover for Hunger Moon soon!


  • The first three books of the Loki’s Wolves series are now available as a bundle called Winter of the Heart on both iBooks and Kobo.
  • I’m updating the numbering on the series so Valkyrie’s Vengeance will become Book #1. This is mostly being done because Amazon simply cannot handle a Book #0 or half numbers. I’m starting with the book descriptions across all retailers. The title pages of all books will be updated over the next few days.  Nothing else is changing so this won’t affect readers who have previously purchased books in the series.


  • I have, I believe, completed the site overhaul. The Mythology section is now up-to-date.


  • My romance novels have all been updated with landing pages.
  • Prophecy: Novel of the Fallen Angels also has a landing page.
  • Loki’s Wolves is next on my schedule. After every book has a landing page, I intend to work through them and optimize the layout and update/verify all of the buy links.


  • Looking at the log, it confirms I’m behind on a lot of website maintenance work, including what I’ve been up to. New information will be added in the coming weeks.
  • Blood Brothers, Book #3 in the Loki’s Wolves series, is currently in editing. Scheduled release is Sept. 2016.
  • Viking Love Slave is back from editing and undergoing revision. I plan to release Books 1-3 in 2016.


  • I’ll be attending Baycon over the Memorial Day weekend. I’m really excited to finally be able to go to this convention. It’ll be my first time.
    The Alphas Gone Wild Boxed set released on March 16th.
  • Viking Love Slave: Tormented has gone to editing.


  • Valkyrie’s Vengeance released to Kindle on January 23. It’s not entered in Select but so far I haven’t had time to implement a release onto all of the other platforms.
  • My site now has a graphical signup for my author newsletter. New subscribers will receive a free book for joining. Info is here.


  • A Cat’s Tale exclusive period with Amazon’s Select has ended. After six months of experimenting with Select, I’m convinced it’s not right for me. A Cat’s Tale is being returned to the other ebook retailers as we speak. I’ll be updating buy links as they become available.


  • A Cat’s Tale audio book is available from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.
  • Valkyrie’s Vengeance is undergoing revision. The target release date is February 2015.


  • Battle Cry is available in ebook on most major retailers.
  • Battle Cry is also available in paperback.
  • A Cat’s Tale audio book has been submitted to ACX. Once review is complete, it will be available on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.


  • MW V4.00BATTLE CRY did not get picked up by Kindle Scout. Never less, I’m glad I chose to participate. It was great publicity which provided me with an opportunity to connect with my existing readership and new potential readers who hadn’t heard of me before. THANK YOU so much to each and every person who was kind enough to nominate my book. I appreciate your support so much!
  •  BATTLE CRY is undergoing a final proofreading round and formatting. My targeted release date is December 18th to ebook. Paperback may take a little longer.
  •  In preparation for BATTLE CRY’S release, I intend to put HUNGER MOON on sale in the two weeks prior to the release date and the month to follow.
  •  An audio book version of A CAT’S TALE is undergoing production. I’d love to release the audio book before Christmas. I’ll announce the release date as soon as possible.
  •  An expanded version of THE CHILD THIEF, retitled VALKYRIE’S VENGEANCE, is entering the revision process.
  •  Finally, I’ll be working on an erotic novella titled MATED HEARTS in December. It will be a sequel to THE MATING GAME and a continuation of Alpha Robert Blane’s story arc.


  • Battle Cry is back from the first round of revisions with One More Time Editing. I’m busily back to work on polishing out the remaining rough patches in the manuscript.
  • The sequel to The Mating Game is retitled “Mated Hearts” and is about halfway complete through the first draft. Unfortunately, I’m putting it on hold while I’m revising Battle Cry. Once I publish BC, I anticipate being able to finish out Mated Hearts and the Viking Love Slave trilogy.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 27-28th, I’ll be attending Convolution 2014 here in the SF Bay area. Can’t wait to meet so many wonderful people I’ve become acquainted with online!
  • Towne Center Books is now stocking HUNGER MOON in their local authors section. If anyone buys a copy of my book and wants it signed, shoot me an email. I’ll meet you for coffee and bring my pen! 🙂


  •   Following much soul searching regarding the branding of my Loki’s Wolves series, I decided to commission a new set  of covers. My cover designer, Farah Evers, has created a beautiful set of eye-catching covers that I believe embody the essence of my folklore fiction.  Hunger Moon is already available in ebook and a paperback edition will be coming soon.


  • Been busy the last few months but here’s a quick summary.
  •  THE MATING GAME released in June to both paperback and ebook. So far, it’s done really well, including making the All Romance Ebooks Bestsellers list in July.
  • BATTLE CRY is undergoing revision. I’m still shooting for a Fall release.
  • My website has recently been updated with many cool features, including a Norse Mythology section, a Characters page, and a few Extras.
  • My current WiPs include the following: Viking Love Slave: The Dawning (a freebie) and Tormented (book 1); a sequel to The Mating Game that’s provisionally titled “The Mating Chase”; and a sequel to Learning to Fly called “Hell on High Heels).
  • I’ve submitted to one anthology and hope to submit to at least one more before the deadline on Aug. 15th.
  • I’ll be attending Convolution 2014 in September.


  • I’ve received my release date for THE MATING GAME. It will be available June 20, 2014. To accommodate the promotion of the new release, I’ve decided to push the release date of BATTLE CRY back to Fall 2014.


  • I’ve created a blog, Exchange of Hearts, as a listings site for book bloggers willing to host romance authors in guest promo spots. Interested hosts are welcome to leave a comment to be added to the directory of hosts.


  • THE MATING GAME is in the final stage of galley reviews with my publisher, The Wild Rose Press. I’m hoping to be able to announce a release date sometime in the next two weeks.

Upcoming tour:

  • I have a blog tour with Shades of Rose Media scheduled for May 19th thru May 31st for A CAT’S TALE.


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